Bosurgi Syndrome Institute

Therapy under Hypnosis

"Researching and healing the mind since 1990"

Luca Bosurgi, Institute Director

BSI is the home of the Bosurgi Method (CognitiveOS Hypnosis® therapy) based in Santa Monica, California.

The Bosurgi Method is a revolutionary empowerment technique that’s quick, permanent & affordable. In only 10 sessions you can increase self-confidence & happiness - have successful relationships - increase performance in business, sports & the arts - heal depression, addictions, anger, fears & anxiety - heal other emotional issues keeping you from being the best you can be!
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Luca Bosurgi presents a fresh new look about the mind, the real nature of codependency, the devastating effect of unresolved codependency in adult's life and the methodology that resolves this issue permanently.


The Institute

The Bosurgi Syndrome Institute's philosophy, therapists, services
and fees.


The Bosurgi Method

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®, the BSI's proprietary therapy under
clinical hypnosis.


The Bosurgi Syndrome

The newly discovered condition. The
hidden cause of most modern-day psychological struggles.


Life-altering and revolutionary therapy - Luca Bosurgi's system is simple, quick, profound, and life-altering. It succeeds where conventional therapy fails, by identifying and permanently clearing the source cause of emotional blockages, instead of just treating symptoms. And Bosurgi's program creates this permanent change in only 10 sessions. This system is nothing less than revolutionary. Rob.O. Attorney

Luca Bosurgi has changed my life - In 3 short weeks Luca successfully helped me become aware of and eliminate co-dependency from my life. I can't thank Luca enough for all he has done for me. If you are struggling with co-dependency, lack of self esteem, addiction, etc. make an appointment to see Luca ASAP. You owe it to yourself, after all, this is your one shot to live a full and beautiful life. Eliminate behaviors that are not conducive to that end result. Feel free to call me for a recommendation (310) 405-0045 - Steve White - Business Owner

Great powerful insight - Luca taught me learn how to strengthen myself indefinitely. I have retrained my brain to be confident, clear, fearless and successful. The relationships in my life have become more rewarding and loving. In a very short time, I see my outlook improving and more of my energy happily spent on fulfilling my true purpose. O. - Model & Actress

Luca Bosurgi is an inspirational and powerful healer - He has been instrumental in my journey to regain my personal power and balance by releasing past pain and fears through his hypnosis and mind techniques. In addition he is a wonderful teacher who has encouraged my spiritual growth. I cannot recommend him enough. - Karen Bysted - Andy Warhol Portraits Photographer

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