Bosurgi Syndrome Institute

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"Researching and healing the mind since 1990"

Luca Bosurgi, Institute Director

BSI is the home of the Bosurgi Method (CognitiveOS Hypnosis® therapy) based in Santa Monica, California. We specialize in issues such as codependency, anxiety, alcohol and drugs addictions, depression, unfulfilled relationships, lack of identity and purpose, fear of rejection, judgement and abandonment, social anxiety, and more. Our therapy under clinical hypnosis offers quick and permanent results, clearing the issues from the roots, with an annual consistent success rate at 98%. To book your FREE 45-60 minutes one-on-one introduction/screening click this link or call us (424) 253-4554

Luca Bosurgi presents a fresh new look about the mind, the real nature of codependency, the devastating effect of unresolved codependency in adult's life and the methodology that resolves this issue permanently.

"My vision is a world of psychologically independent, happy and self-sufficient people. I researched the mind for over 20 years and I discovered the emotional tie that restrains millions in a cage of dependency and fears. I also discovered the rational key to permanently end psychological dependency in a very short time. Our mission at the Bosurgi Syndrome Institute is to offer this awareness to the world in order to bring humanity to a much better place. Each one of you can help; we can create together a self-sufficient society based on being, instead of trying to be; on choosing, instead of been chosen; on our real identities instead of the ones mirroring external validations. We can help millions to free the brain from fears; this will multiply exponentially the human’s intelligence and project the world to the next wave of inventions and accomplishments. Talk to us, we will pass this understanding to you. We will help you if you need help, or we will give you the tools to help others. If you are in the media we will give you groundbreaking material to broadcast awareness that the world requires in order to move to the next step. We all deserve to be happy and powerful, we have the tools, let's make it happen!" -Luca Bosurgi


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The Bosurgi Method

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®, the BSI's proprietary therapy under
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The Bosurgi Syndrome

The newly discovered condition. The
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